Educational Objectives

  • LED Transmitter
  • LED Signal Modulation
  • Si Photo Detector Receiver
  • Dichroic Beam Splitter
  • Dual Wavelength Data Transmission
  • Plastic Fiber Handling and Preparation
  • Plastic Fiber Attenuation
  • Signal Beating and Cross Talk

The student starts with the preparation of a plastic fiber (POF): stripping, assembling a connector and polishing of the connector surface. The losses of different lengths of POFs in a transmission line are measured. A complete two channel low frequency data transmission system is built up and investigated. A POF Y-coupler combines the two channels at the tansmitter side. An optical signal separation at the receiver side is performed. All necessary components, fibers and control electronics like modulator, transmitter, receiver, demodulator and a pair of active speakers are included. Features like signal cross talk and signal beating can be demonstrated. Additional signal sources like an MP3 player can be connected to the setup.

Order No. 4900-9-1400