Educational Objectives

  • Laser Diodes
  • Optical Glass Fibers
  • Photo Detector
  • Handling of Fiber Optical Cable
  • Modulation of Laser Diodes
  • Video Cameras
  • Video Signal Transmission
  • Optical Signal Detection

The educational set for data transmission demonstrates digital signal transmission on a 5 km optical line. A video source consisting of a colour CCD camera and a stereo audio source consisting of an MP3 player are connected to the optical transmitter. Via the provided fiber the audio as well as the video signals are transmitted simultaneously to the optical receiver. At the receiver’s side the optical signal is transformed to an electrical signal which passes on to a monitor which displays the picture detected by the CCD camera. The transmitted audio signal is played by a pair of active speakers. Furthermore, an air gap consisting of fiber coupling-out and coupling-in modules allow the introduction of signal losses and demonstrate the challenge of fiber alignment.

Order No. 4900-9-1440