Educational Objectives

  • Energy Levels of He-Ne
  • Emission Spectrum of He-Ne
  • Gain
  • Longitudinal & Transversal Modes
  • Mode & Laser Line Selection
  • Birefringent Filter
  • Littrow Prism
  • Single Mode Etalon

An open frame gas laser consisting of a He-Ne tube with Brewster windows and separate resonator mirrors is used to demonstrate and teach the basics of gas lasers such as: resonator stability, coherence and mode behavior. By variation of the resonator mirrors (the set comprises five mirrors) the resonator properties and its influences on the laser power and stability are evaluated. Wavelength selection with optical components like birefringent filter and Littrow prism is performed. Using an optical grating different laser lines can be spatially separated. Mode selection is investigated using a single mode etalon. For a basic start to He-Ne Laser topics a basic version (CA-1201) is available. Further, an extension set for beam properties investigation (CA-1202) is offered.

    Order No. 4900-9-1200