Educational Objectives

  • Types of Laser Diodes
  • Beam Profile
  • Fast and Slow Axis
  • Spectral Properties
  • Laser Threshold
  • Slope Efficiency
  • Beam Shaping
  • Polarization State

Mounted on a rotational unit the spatial distribution of laser diode emission is measured. Beam shaping optics allow to collimate the laser beam and to modify its profile. To determine threshold current and slope efficiency, the relative output power of the diode is measured as a function of the injection current. By means of absorption in an Nd:YAG crystal the dependency on the laser wavelength from the chip temperature and injection current is evaluated. The state of polarization in dependence on the diode current is probed by a polarizer. Current, temperature and current modulation of the diode are adjusted on the versatile controller with integrated photo diode amplifier.

    Order No. 4900-9-1220