Educational Objectives

  • Properties of Laser Diodes
  • Optical Pumping
  • Absorption of Nd:YAG Crystal
  • Fluorescence Lifetime
  • Static & Dynamic Behavior
  • Laser Threshold & Slope Efficiency
  • Resonator Properties & Stability
  • Laser Spiking

Based on a fully functional diode pumped solid state laser an experimental Nd:YAG laser is presented. Optically pumped at 808 nm absorption, spontaneous emission, lifetime of excited state, and absorption wavelengths of the Nd:YAG crystal are investigated. The relative output power of the solid state laser is measured as a function of the pump diode power to determine parameters such as threshold power and slope efficiency. Properties and stability of a hemispherical resonator are examined, and resonator modes are visualized. Furthermore, a multitude of measurements for diode characterization (compare CA-1220) can be performed. Optional extensions for nonlinear optics experiments are available (see next pages).

    Order No. 4900-9-1230