Educational Objectives

  • He-Ne Ring Laser
  • Ring Laser Modes
  • Interference
  • Single Mode Etalon
  • Sagnac Effect
  • Mode Lock-in
  • Measurement of Rotation
  • Dynamic Range

This active laser gyroscope contains a ring laser consisting of an open frame He- Ne tube and a triangular resonator. The whole ring laser is set up on a motorized rotational platform. The rotational velocity can be varied allowing to the dynamic range of the Gyroscope to be investigated. Counter-rotating modes of the ring laser are coupled out and are superimposed for demonstration and measurement of the Sagnac effect. The resulting interference is detected and electronically converted to a frequency proportional to the rotational velocity. The lock-in threshold is determined by variation of the rotation frequency. Single mode operation is achieved by an etalon mounted in the ring resonator.

Order No. 4900-9-1310