Educational Objectives

  • Pulsed Laser Module
  • Optical Diode
  • Polarization
  • InGaAs Photo Detector
  • Light Echoes
  • Time of Flight
  • Velocity of Light
  • Light Scattering

The aim of this experimental pulsed laser range finder is to demonstrate the properties of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). Short and intensive pulses are sent to a corner cube reflector. A trigger signal generated by reference pulses starts the measurement. An optical diode guides the back scattered laser pulses towards the signal detector. The time of flight determines the distance of the measured object. The pulse width reaches less than 5 ns and distances of less than 40 cm can still be measured in the laboratory environment. High peak power and low beam divergence allow distance measurements of more than 100 m, still with a standard InGaAs detector. With a known target distance the kit can be used for demonstration and measurement of the velocity of light.

Order No. 4900-9-1340