Educational Objectives

  • Velocity of Light
  • Nanosecond Laser Pulses
  • Light Echoes
  • Time of Flight
  • InGaAs Photo Detector
  • Light Scattering

The pulsed laser module sends short pulses to an object of interest. An optical trigger signal starts the measurement and synchronizes one channel of an oscilloscope (optionally available). The time of flight of the back scattered laser pulses determine the distance of the measured object. The pulse temporal width reaches below 5 ns and distances of less than 40 cm can still be measured in the laboratory environment. Low laser beam divergence allows the measurement of targets in distances of several tens of meters, still with a standard InGaAs detector. With a known target distance the kit can be used for demonstration and measurement of the velocity of light. Since the laser module emits at 1535 nm, the laser radiation lays in the eye safe wavelength range.

Order No. 4900-9-1345