Educational Objectives

  • Einstein Coefficients
  • Optical Pumping
  • Diode Laser
  • Threshold & Slope Efficiency
  • Absorption of Nd:YAG Crystal
  • Lifetime of Excited States
  • Interference Filter
  • Longpass Filter

Optical pumping of an Nd:YAG crystal by the IR emission of a laser diode shows the absorption behavior of a laser medium. At a laser diode controller parameters like temperature and current of the pumping diode are set and hence its emission wavelength is defined. Therefore the spectral absorption profile of the crystal can be traced. The fluorescence of the crystal is selected with a narrow band interference filter. The life time of the excited 4F3/2 state is measured by a fast PIN photodiode. Varying the diode current the laser threshold and slope efficiency of the diode laser are determined. The temperature dependency on the diode current is measured at constant wavelength.

Order No. 4900-9-1130