The opto-mechanical carriers are equipped with a spring loaded element which allows the user to mount and slide the carrier very accurately on a flat rail along the optical axis. The precise flat rails ensure excellent repeatability. After setting the carrier can be clamped by means of a clamping jaw on the rail. The carriers are made with a universal thread and hole grid to mount different holders and brackets.

Order No.

Carrier 20mm: 4120-9-020

Carrier 30mm: 4120-9-030

Carrier 40mm: 4120-9-040

Carrier 65mm: 4120-9-065

Special Carriers

The collection of carriers for special purposes within the optomechanical system helps the user to find an easy solution to incorporate unusual components in his set-up. This set of parts is designed to give the user a low-price solution in moving or rotating a component in the optical axis of his set-up.

Order no.

Rotation Carrier 65mm:    4158-9-010

Rotation Carrier 100mm:  4158-9-030

Carrier with gear pinion:   4130-9-010