Flat Rails

The profile rails are manufactured in a high precision of aluminum with black anodized surface finish. Due to these facts, an excellent repeatability of an experimental set-up is guaranteed, even if a carrier is used in a flapped position or moved to total different position. The rails can be mounted on a surface with M6 screws on a base plate and have integrated clearances to insert racks for the use of special carriers with rack-and-pinion drive.

Order No.

Flat Rail 100mm:   4110-9-010

Flat Rail 200mm:   4110-9-020

Flat Rail 300mm:   4110-9-030

Flat Rail 400mm:   4110-9-040

Flat Rail 500mm:   4110-9-050

Flat Rail 600mm:   4110-9-060

Flat Rail 800mm:   4110-9-080

Flat Rail 1000mm: 4110-9-100

Flat Rail 1500mm: 4110-9-150

Flat Rail 2000mm: 4110-9-200


The racks are mounted with the help of a cylindrical bolt into the round groove of the flat rail. By using the carrier 4130-9-010 it is possible to shift an optical unit along the optical axis. Racks are available in different sizes from 100 mm up to 500 mm.

Order No.

Rack 100mm:   4140-9-010

Rack 200mm:   4140-9-020

Rack 300mm:   4140-9-030

Rack 400mm:   4140-9-040

Rack 500mm:   4140-9-050