Mounting Plates

This Optics Holder for standard inserts - mountable from both sides - serves as a basic unit for the various inserts (see chapter "Mounts, Rings and Apertures"). The holder has a standard opening of 45 mm, which allows the user to also adapt inserts from other systems.

The Cube is used to guide, deflect or detect light in optical set-ups. It is designed so that cubes can be combined to different arrangements or mounted on carriers and platforms. The Cube has standard openings of 45 mm, which can be equipped with the variety of available inserts, but also allows inserts from other systems.

The Filter Plate Holder for standard glass filters holds up to three filter plates with 50mm x 50mm edge size. With its width of 30mm it is ideally suited to be mounted on a 30mm carrier.

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Adjustment Holders

Mounted in the Rotational Optics Holder, an optical element can be precisely rotated about the optical axis. The rotational ring has a standard opening of 45 mm, and is provided with an angle scale in two degree increments. This holder is ideally for installing a polarization filter, but due to the various inserts of the opto-mechanical systems many other elements can be mounted.

The Laser Mirror Adjustment Holder with fine thread screws is q,j adjustable. Its compact design makes it ideal for interferometers or resonators in laser applications. Due to its standard aperture of 45mm, it is possible to use the various inserts of the opto-mechanical system.

The XY Adjustment Holder with fine thread screws provides the ability to set an optical component, fiber, or light source (eg, a laser diode) in the X and Y direction perpendicular to the optical axes. Various inserts are available for flexible fitting of optical components to the holder.

The 5 Axes Adjustment Holder is designed to hold a crystal inside a laser resonator able to shift X&Y, tilt X&Y and rotate the optics around Z. The long-term stability of the components is ensured by spring-loaded fine pitch screws. The optics holder insert is removable for cleaning the optics. Crystal clamps for different crystal sizes are available as an option.

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