Educational Objectives

  • Pulsed Laser Module
  • Optical Fiber
  • InGaAs Photodetector
  • Fiber Handling and Preparation
  • Coupling Light to Fiber
  • Reflected Light Echoes
  • Properties of Glass Fibers
  • Speed of Light

After assembling the complete OTDR set reflectometry measurements can be performed. Short pulses (< 5 ns) are coupled in a 1 km multimode fiber. The fiber ends are prepared by Miller pliers and a fiber cleaver. A trigger signal generated by reference pulses starts the measurement. The time of flight of the light backscattered by the fiber ends determines the length of the fiber. A fiber-fiber coupling module introduces an air gap between two fibers and simulates a distortion of the fiber. Furthermore, measurements for pulsed laser characterization and most of the measurements of the Glass Fiber Optics kit (CA-1410) can be performed.

Order No. 4900-9-1420