Educational Objectives

  • Laser Power and Intensity
  • Divergence of a Laser Beam
  • Pulsed Laser
  • Laser Classification
  • Maximum Permissible Emission
  • NOHD
  • Eye Damaging
  • Safety Goggles and Filters

This experimental set is equipped with four laser and one LED sources, their wavelengths range from blue to NIR with different powers and functions (cw- and pulsed lasers). These sources are to be classified in safety classes by power and energy measurement. Optical elements like beam expanders, filters, scattering discs, and an iris aperture are used to modify the laser beams and hence change their safety classes. Direct laser light as well as its scattering cone profiles are measured. Handling of standards like EN60825, EN207 and EN208 will be introduced. The effects of laser power on the human eye are simulated and MPE and MSD values are calculated and demonstrated. For a start to the laser safety topics an advanced (CA-1111) and a basic version (CA-1112) of the Laser Safety Kit are available.

Order No. 4900-9-1110