Carrier Platforms

The carrier platforms provide a flat mounting area of different lengths. Various components, samples or individual constructions can be mounted and realized. The platforms are offered in different lengths and optionally with a grid of M6 tapped blind holes for variable set-ups.

Order No.

Carrier Platform 100mm:  4150-9-010

Carrier Platform 150mm:  4150-9-015

Carrier Platform 200mm:  4150-9-020

with grid of M6 tapped blind holes

   Carrier Platform 100mm:  4155-9-010

   Carrier Platform 200mm:  4155-9-020


These connectors for flat rails have been developed to allow structures with angled continuations or branches of flat rails. At the intersection of the connectors are various threads and holes for mounting components such as beam splitters or mirrors. For example, the connectors may be used to construct an interferometer or to measure the numerical aperture of a fiber.

Order no.

Hinged Connector:  4160-9-010

T-Connector:            4160-9-020

Cross Connector:     4160-9-030