Educational Objectives

  • Interferometer
  • Coherence
  • Time-Bandwidth Relation
  • Line / Band Spectrum
  • Signal Beating
  • Fourier Transformation
  • Apodisation
  • Zerofilling

The basic setup of a Fourier transform spectrometer is a Michelson interferometer with a movable mirror. Scanning this mirror generates a temporal interference pattern of the light beams which carries the spectral information of the light source or a sample placed in the beam path. Three light sources (two lasers and one LED) of different spectral properites are provided in this experimental set. The mirror of the measurement arm is mounted on a high precision translation stage driven by a controller. Different motion sequences within a broad velocity range can be programmed. The interference signals are recorded, evaluated and Fourier transformed by PC (optionally available).

Order No. 4900-9-1710