Educational Objectives

  • Black Body Radiator
  • Thermal Light
  • Cold Light
  • Sensitivity of Human Eye
  • 1/r2 relation
  • Radiometric & Photometric Units
  • Scientific Calibration Lamp
  • Halogen Lamp

While in Radiometry the units for optical radiation are related to physical units like Joule or Watt, in Photometry all measurements are based on the physiological sensitivity of the human eye. With this educational set the basics of light and the transformation from radiometric to photometric values and vice versa are taught. Calibration with a lamp standard is performed. The lamp’s behavior with respect to a black body radiator and the discrepancy are discussed. A light chopper is used to determine the lamp signal for measuring photometric values. The 1/r2 relation of several radiometric and photometric units is examined. The kit is offered either with a scientific calibration lamp (CA-1120) or with a common halogen lamp (CA-1121).

Order No. 4900-9-1120