Educational Objectives

  • Two Beam Interference
  • Multiple Beam Interference
  • Free Spectral Range
  • Finesse
  • Types of Fabry Perot Resonators
  • Stability Criterion
  • Spectral Analysis of HeNe Laser
  • Polarization

Aim of this experimental Fabry Perot resonator is the investigation of free spectral range and finesse of a Fabry Perot, and the mode spectrum of a test laser (HeNe laser). One resonator mirror is mounted on a piezo translator resulting in a scanning Fabry Perot used as a spectrum analyzer. By variation of the resonator mirrors (the set comprises 6 mirrors) and the resonator length different types of optical resonators are evaluated. In case of a plane-parallel resonator a beam expander is used for enlarging the laser beam diameter. For distinction of the two laser modes a polarization filter is provided. For a basic start to the Fabry Perot topics a basic version (CA-1141) is available. Existing HeNe Laser kits can be upgraded by Fabry Perot extension kits (CA-1145 and CA-1146).

Order No. 4900-9-1140